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Metro Business Solutions was recently acquired by The dTech Group/DTECH Computerists, Inc, a family owned business serving Oklahomans for more than 40 years. The sale means clients now have access to more products and services, including wide-format printer repair, software development, network implementation for cabling and wireless, network management, and network troubleshooting .

 To learn more about dTech, or to speak with a technical representative, please visit http://www.dtechgroup.com/ or call 918.622.6966. If you have questions about the sale of Metro, please contact Harv at (918) 585-9988 or harv@dtechgroup.com.


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We also repair and service HP color printers and plotters and HP mono printers and plotters

Hewlett-Packard - HP LASERJET mono printers ,

Hewlett-Packard - HP LASERJET color printers,

Hewlett-Packard - HP DESIGNJET printers,

Hewlett-Packard - HP wide-format DesignJet plotters/printers, even older HP printers, like the HP DesignJet 500, HP DesignJet 800, HP DesignJet 1050, HP DesignJet 750, 4000 series, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6100, 25500 series. All T-series and all Z-series DesignJets are covered.
For all plotters/DesignJets/wide-format, please call.

Before bringing in any DesignJet Printer,
please call to check out problem.
We always work on-site for the larger printers, like DesignJets.

If you are getting system errors like: 61:05, 79:04,79:06, 81:01, 86:01, 42:10, 21:10, 21.1:03, 02.01:10, 02.01,etc.,
or if you have upgraded your computer or operating system, then we can help.

Call DTECH and we can discuss whether or not the printer / plotter is
worth repairing or fixing (at no cost to you).
Please be aware that we are not HP and we also don't give free support
for your HP DesignJet printer or HP DesignJet plotter: we charge for support.

It is possible to repair most printers / plotters to work as good as new: the question is, whether or not, the cost is justifiable. Do not let anyone tell you that your DesignJet is not repairable, or that you can't get parts for it, etc. Parts are still available for the 200 series through the Z series. These people just want to sell you a new plotter. These are the same people that tell you to plug your plotter directly into the wall socket, and not into a good surge suppressor. And leave it on during thunderstorms, tornados, and hurricanes. This is all nonsense and done in hopes of having your DesignJet fried and causing you to buy a new DesignJet.


We service HP printers and plotters in Tulsa, Tulsa suburbs, and Tulsa environs, like Broken Arrow (BA), Jenks, Owasso, and Bixby. We cover a wider area for DesignJet printers like, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

We sell some used HP printers/plotters, as well as, new HP equipment.
Click here to see the latest list of USED / REFURBISHED HP Printers, HP Copiers, and HP Fax's.

Call 918.622.6966 in Tulsa to have any printer questions answered.



DTECH Computerists, Inc.
dba Metro Business Solutions, I

are Oklahoma owned and operated businesses and have been in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1974 repairing your printer, copier, FAX, projector, and typewriter problems.


 That includes fixing your HP printer, HP copier, and HP fax problems.





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